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Even if you’ve got all your school supplies packed away in those darling little backpacks, the tricks I found in 9 high-tech ways to save money on school supplies can be applied to all sorts of smart shopping.

For example, you can get cash for old electronics, buy discounted gift cards, or open an online registry. For more, see the article at Buttoned Up on high-tech ways to get a discount.

My girls started at their new school in D.C. almost two weeks ago, but I know that tons of kids are gearing up for a post-Labor Day beginning. If your kid is moving up, moving in, or moving over, going to a new school can be tough. We know.

At Parentables I collected our best strategies for making it easier (including a bonus tip from reader Nancy Fey), plus a bunch of pictures of our kids attending various schools over the years:

9 Ways to Help Your Child Adjust to a New School

Thankfully we are over the hump of new school jitters. Sofia and Virginia seem so much happier having met their teachers and their classmates. We are so grateful to our friend, Sarah, who introduced us to a girl in each of my daughter’s classes. We managed to eek in a playdate just before school started, and I knew it was all worth it when our normally-stoic Sofia said, “Now I’m not so scared.”

In case you’ve missed them, here are a couple more back-to-school posts I’ve worked on recently:

Easy Ways to Help Your School This Year — and Why You Should (Interview)

 10 Ways to Save Big on School Supplies

Last but not least: what about you, mom? If you’re wondering where to invest your back-to-school energy, and you like to write, I have an idea. Published author and pro blogger, Meagan Francis of The Happiest Mom, is now offering writing classes. I don’t get anything out of it if you sign up — I just know that you’ll have a great experience.

Here is more from Meagan:

So you want to be published in magazinesTake your blog to the next level. Write a book. Or maybe  you aren’t exactly sure what your goals are, but you have always wanted to “be a writer.” Of course, you’ve also got a busy life, family commitments and maybe even a day job to work around, and you just aren’t sure how to get started…or you’ve taken a few steps toward your goal, but now could use some help defining your goals and sharpening your focus.

Wherever you are on the path to combining writing and parenthood, I have a class for you! As an experienced, nationally-published author, professional blogger, magazine writer and mother of five, my classes are all created with a busy parent’s needs in mind and will offer inspiration, information, encouragement and hands-on feedback to meet you wherever you are on your writing path and help you take your craft and career to the next level.

The five-week online classes start September 12 and spaces are limited, so don’t delay: Writing Classes for Moms with author and blogger Meagan Francis.

How is back-to-school time for you? A mix of excitement and busyness? A Herculean effort, yet the beginning of some down time for you?

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