5 Cheap, Warm, and Fun Winter Birthday Parties

Winter birthdays are tough, because nature is not as hospitable. And we all know that the outdoors is an ideal place to host a crowd of kids high on buttercream icing.

We put candles on a stack of pancakes for sleepover parties.

We have a December, February, and early April birthdays here, and I figure I’ve probably organized about 20 winter birthday parties so far. At Parentables this week, I share our favorite formulas for keeping the costs (and blood pressure) down in  5 Cheap, Warm, and Fun Winter Birthday Parties.

Sofia turned ten this week, and we celebrated at home with a plate of bon-bons leftover from her school Valentine’s Day exchange. At the end of the month, we’ll make our favorite cupcakes for her class party. (You can download our cupcake and icing recipe on my Printables page.)

It’s finally sinking in that my kids get three birthday parties: one at home, one with friends, and one at school. Wow. Another reason to keep it simple.

Do you have a favorite winter birthday party idea?

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