Well, hello there, and welcome!  If you wish you could slow down and simplify things, connect more with friends and family, quiet the noise of modern life, raise creative and self-sufficient kids — and save some money — you’ve come to the right place. I am doing all of these things, and I love to share them with you.

The world has gotten way too complicated and frenetic. It’s a constant battle to keep our houses uncluttered, our schedules free, and our minds at ease. Living frugally can solve all of these problems, and more.

What Does Frugal Mean?

Frugal living does not mean depriving ourselves, only buying the cheapest products, or never spending money on European chocolate or that crystal chandelier. It means being careful with our money so we can afford what we really love.

You Won’t Find These Things Here

Even though this website is about saving money, I don’t write about coupons, deals, or freebies. Shopping and bargain-hunting might be fun (OK, they are fun), but they perpetuate the cycle of buying and tossing, and distract us from our true calling.


Slowing Down, Raising Curious Kids, and Saving Money

I cover all kinds of topics — from budget travel and simple recipes to saving strategies and happiness boosters — but something that is close to my heart is slow parenting.

I think that under-scheduling children and providing lots of screen-free time encourages kids to expand their imaginations. Home-grown enrichment, like reading and climbing trees, is free and gives my kids space to rest and dream.

I’m also teaching my children life skills — how to clean, cook, take care of each other and themselves — and I’m giving them baby steps of freedom so they can work up to navigating the world with confidence.


We Can Have it All

Life is a constant balancing act of enjoying the moment and thinking ahead. We want to be disciplined and do the right thing, but we also want to squeeze the dickens out of this gorgeous life.

The good news is we can do both. My mission at Frugal Mama is to help you find the fun in saving money, so that living frugally becomes one and the same as living well.

Come Along with Me

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  • Cherryl Pape August 3, 2017, 12:51 am

    Need to do more ‘bread and butter art’ as I’ve been concentrating
    too much on my ‘soul art’ that wins lots of awards but no buyers.

    I’m 80 an artist/photographer living on a fixed income, and it’s a worry. I’ve been doing black and white ‘soul art’ that wins prestigious awards but doesn’t sell (except to one collector.) I am about to create (in color) bread and butter art. Perhaps you can give me some ideas; I like what I’ve read so far. I enjoy a simple slow-is-an-art the best I can. I am a good money manager but need more money to manage!
    Dental is throwing in a wrench.


    • Amy September 11, 2017, 10:19 pm

      Dear Cheryl, That’s a great idea for a post, but I’m afraid fine art is beyond my skill set! Being an artist and trying to make money from your passion is a tough proposition, whichever way you slice it. I sincerely hope you find a way to combine your love, you vision, and your financial well-being. We all should be so blessed.

      All my best,


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