How to Make Cards from Kids’ Drawings

How to Make Cards from Kids' Drawings

Homemade cards are a gift in themselves, especially when a child has added a unique element of whimsy.  When our daughter Virginia turned seven, we made these winter reindeer cards as invitations.

Here’s how you can transform any child’s drawing, even a doodle or sketch, into a keepsake for the holidays or any special occasion.

Transform a child's drawing into a holiday card

This sketch of a reindeer by Virginia became the inspiration for her birthday party invitation.

To make a small but hefty card, fold regular printer paper into fourths

We used regular 8.5″ x 11″ colored printer paper we already had, making it more hefty by folding it vertically and then horizontally.  When closed, the finished card is the size of 1/4 sheet.

Outline with dark marker the parts of the drawing that you want to transfer to the card.

To keep the image simple for this small card, I chose the dominant lines of Virginia’s drawing, outlining them with a black marker.  The thick dark line made it easier to trace.

Using a window as a lightbox, transfer the child's drawing to the card paper by tracing.

Using a glass window as a lightbox, I transferred the drawing by placing the card on top of the original drawing and tracing the image.

Get creative with materials. Here we used paint to make the sketch more striking.

Once the image was transferred to my card paper, I went over the pencil lines with paint and brush.

Draw a line of glue over any lines where you want to apply glitter.

Then I went over the drawing with a thin line of glue so we could glitter it up.

We used Martha Stewart's glitter in Brownstone.

We used Martha Stewart’s glitter in Brownstone.

We highlighted the child's main image using paint and matching glitter.

You can collect and re-use any unused glitter by shaking loose dust onto a clean sheet of paper.

Add snow with white glitter.

Then we created snow by adding more glue and chunky white glitter.

Photocopy children's invite details and paste into each card.

Virginia wrote up the party details, which we photocopied and pasted into the interior of each invitation.

A2 envelopes are great for 1/4 folded sheets and announcements.

A-2 envelopes (4.37″ x 5.75″) are perfect for 1/4 folded sheets.

Even though we made each invitation in the same way, saving time and energy, every one was unique.

Even though we made each invitation in the same way, saving time and energy, every one was unique.  And of course, it’s a child’s eye and carefree style that make kids’ art one-of-a-kind.

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  • Jen | Green Baby Deals August 29, 2016, 10:19 pm

    Love this; I’m always looking for ways to recycle the kids’ art. Thanks!